NWN:EE Server – Fugue Bug Fixed!

Apologies to anyone who has been continuously sent to Fugue when they log in. I believe I’ve fixed the Fugue bug.
The script on the Guardian statue had not recompiled since setting up the new NWNX:EE server. Fixing the script and getting it to compile now allows the script to set the characters state to “alive” when you res with the statue. The Priest and Balm scripts had compiled so were working correctly. If your character has been being “killed” on entering the server, you should still get killed once more when you enter the server, but when you are resurrected this time, your state should be fixed.
If you can log when a DM is on, please ask them to give you an XP buffer before you use the Guardian Statue to leave Fugue so that you don’t lose any additional XP.
Thanks to everyone for your patience while we iron out the final bugs. Thanks to Vaddix for being so willing to die to help me fix the issue!

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