Strongest in Nordock

Strongest in Nordock

Once more the champions of Nordock are called forth to challenge for the title of the Strongest in Nordock!

Qualifiers will commence this week and run for the next 4 weeks. At the end of that time, the highest ranked players will compete in a final to see who will be crowned the Strongest in Nordock!

The qualifier rounds will consist of each player racing to destroy a line up of 4 combat dummies in the fastest time possible. The final will see the number of combat dummies increased to 6!

The rules for this contest are:

  1. No Epic, Uber, Old school, or Enhanced items (with the exception of the fire giant belt since this can be looted).
  2. Any buffs (by spell or item or ability, etc) are allowed after the “go”.
  3. No Shifted Forms
  4. Only melee attacks on the dummies

All are welcome to compete in this contest, with the winner gaining their place in history as the “Strongest in Nordock” (See the big statue in the gateway – front and center).

To get an idea of the format (and competition), check out the videos and pictures below:

2022 Strongest in Nordock Final: Won by Victor The Crash Dummy!

2015 Strongest in Nordock Final:

2012 Strongest in Nordock Final:

2011 Strongest in Nordock Final:

2010 Strongest in Nordock Final:

2009 Strongest in Nordock:

2008 Strongest in Nordock: