Getting Started

Getting Started with Neverwinter Nights Diamond (NWN1/1.69)

Want to join us online? Follow the steps below to get a copy of Neverwinter Nights and get started:

    1. Purchase a copy of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition from:

    2. Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition includes the unaltered original version of Neverwinter Nights Diamond (The original version will be automatically added to your account.)

    3. Click your account name in the top menu and select “Games”.

    4. Select “Neverwinter Nights Diamond” and click the “Download and Install Now” button.

    5. Click “GOG_Galaxy_Neverwinter_Nights_Diamond.exe”.

    6. Click “Run” to install “GOG GALAXY”.

    7. GOG Galaxy should commence downloading.

    8. After the download has completed click “Yes” under the “User Account Control” prompt to allow “GOG Galaxy” to install.

    9. Log in with your account to install “Neverwinter Nights Diamond”.

    10. Choose your installation options for “Neverwinter Nights Diamond” and click “Install”.

    11. Once “Neverwinter Nights Diamond” has finished installing, click on “CDKey Changer” in the Windows Start Menu.

    12. In the “Neverwinter Nights Serial Tool”, click on the “My Account” link.

    13. Under your, select “Neverwinter Nights Diamond”, then under the “More” drop-down menu, select “Serial Keys”.

    14. Copy the “Neverinter Nights”, “Shadows of Undrentide” and “Hordes of the Underdark” serial keys into the corresponding locations in the “Neverwinter Nights Serial Tool”, and click “Save and close”.

    15. On the desktop, double click the “Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition” desktop shortcut.

    16. Click “Yes” under the “User Account Control” prompt to allow Neverwinter Nights to make changes to your PC.

    17. Under the “Neverwinter Nights” menu, choose “Multiplayer”.

    18. In the “Windows Security Alert”, click “Allow Access”, to allow “Neverwinter Nights” to communicate on your network.

    19. In the “Player Login” dialog box, enter your “Player Name” and “Password”, and click “OK”. If you are a new player, click “Create New Account” to create a player name and password.

    20. When you receive the message that Neverwinter Nights “Could not connect to Master Server, some multiplayer services may not be available.”, click “OK”.

    21. Click “Join Internet Game”.

    22. If “Victorian Nordock” is not listed as a server under the “History” tab, click “Direct Connect”, and then in the “Server IP Address” field, enter and click “OK”.

    23. If “Victorian Nordock” is listed under the “History” tab, then click on “Victorian Nordock” and click “Connect”.

    24. In the “Choose Available Character” window, click “New Character” to create a character. If you have any existing characters, you can select a character and click “Play”.

    25. The first area of the server to load will be “The Gateway”.

    26. Once your character arrives in gateway, the “Welcome Store” should load. Purchase some starting equipment, then close the store to start your adventure.

    27. Take some time to explore “The Gateway” area, familiarise yourself with the interface controls, then start to explore the world of Victorian Nordock!