Server Rules

1. The Four Guiding Principles

This is intended to clarify some basic principles and rules for everyone to keep in mind while spending time on Victorian Nordock.
These guidelines are here to allow the majority of you, the players, to have a chance to fully enjoy the game.
They are more closely explained in other journal entries.

      1. In game the DM is Always Right
      2. No Foul Language
      3. Use common Courtesy
      4. See Number 3

2. Guidelines for Player Conduct

      1. In game The DM is ALWAYS Right
      2. No matter what your interpretation of the rules, the DMs have the final word.
      3. If you do not agree with a ruling, or feel a DM has mistreated you, use the DM channel to discuss this with them directly, post your question or comments in the Victorian Nordock forums, or send an email to the lead DM using the email at the bottom of this page.
      4. Do not argue with a DM.
      5. It is up to the DMs judgment whether you are breaking a rule.
      6. Foul Language is Prohibited
      7. For cases where you are unsure if something is considered to be “foul language” refer to rule #1.
      8. If you are still not sure, then do not use the word(s) you are considering.

3. Be Considerate of Others:

Do not loot anything that you did not kill… the final blow is not always dealt by the person who actually killed the beast.

      1. When in a group, finish the fight before searching the corpses… your party member(s) probably need your help and the loot is not going anywhere.
      2. Do not attack another person’s opponent(s) unless they ask for assistance, or you are positive that they need it (i.e. their corpse is lying at the creature’s feet).
      3. If you meet someone in an area, offer to join forces. This will allow both of you to enjoy the area without breaking rule 3.2 If they decline wait your turn. Each group can kill ONE run of spawns then stand aside for the other group.
        NOTE: If you are a level party you may be asked to step aside to allow a group at a better range to work an area.
      4. If you run from a monster, try not to lead it onto unsuspecting players. If this does happen, help them defeat the beast (they maybe weaker than you)… be sure to apologize and thank them for the aid.
      5. Avoid camping an Area. Camping is defined as staying in one area waiting for creatures to respawn and by doing so denying other players of that area’s use. This is not a server for bullies or egos. It is not a powerleveling server. If you only strive for level 40 and “uber gear” perhaps you would be happier elsewhere.
      6. If somebody is harassing you, or sending “tells” to you that you find insulting take a screen shot (print screen button = pic will be in NWN folder as a TGA file) and give it to a DM. Do NOT “take matters into your own hands”.

4. Roleplay is Optional

Victorian Nordock is a social server and as such the shout channel at times can be busy with general banter. If you enjoy RP you will find both player and DMs that will respond BUT it is not mandatory.

5. Not All NPCs in the World of Nordock are Combatants

Do not kill NPCs unless they ask for a fight in their conversation, or unless they are a NPC Guard. Doing so may result in:
– inability to play on the server due to whole towns becoming hostile to you
– your death
– “interaction” with a DM. Killing certain NPCs can disrupt the server and as such is frowned upon.

6. Regarding Player versus Player combat and Pickpocketing


A. Consent from both/all players is required before initiating PvP actions. To prevent any confusion on Consent, it is required that you issue your challenge verbally, if your opponent places you to Dislike in the Party selection window consent has been given. If you partake in PvP without taking this step, or, your opponent(s) do not respond by placing you in Dislike… you will be disciplined, the only exceptions to this rule are DM events and section B. below.
Realize that not all players want to PvP, and as we are a social server there should be a dialogue before ANY attack, allowing those not wanting to participate to refrain from the fight. Once you have killed, or been killed, consent must be re-obtained to continue. This means no “rez killing” whereby a player can kill and resurrect only to kill again.

B. Player committing acts of aggression have given a non-verbal consent to PvP. Likewise, players who are aiding NPCs, but not directly attacking aggressors, who are under attack, have also given non-verbal consent to PvP. However, before attacking players who have commited acts of aggression you are required to enter the Party selection window and place your opponent(s) to Dislike, this is an exception to A. as you do not have to wait for them to change to Dislike on you.
Example Acts of aggression: attacking or pickpocketing of players or NPCs
Witnessing a player commit acts of aggression on their part does not carry over beyond a server reset.

C. We have Evil playable races, as well as homelands for these races. If you see an outsider in your home area, that alone is not an invitation to attack. However be aware that, by simply entering another race’s homeland, you take a certain risk upon yourself, and you might get drawn into a conflict not of your choosing.
This is not to contradict Rule B–players should not attack you without reason — but to insure that you are aware that it may not be possible to differentiate between aggressors and non-aggressors in extreme situations. ie Drow running through Benzor

D. Your actions/reputation may label you as a known enemy to a group. However be aware, that labeling someone an enemy does not make it open season on them, the above PvP guidelines still hold true.

E. PvP Wars or Raids will involve the coordination of a DM. Please do not try to run/schedule one until you have positive feedback from a DM.

On Pickpocketing:

A. Consent from both/all players is required before initiating a Pickpocketing attempt.
B. The victim can be no more than 5 lvls below you
C. Only one PP attempt, per server reset, per target. Griefing risks banning.
D. PP attempts must be Roleplayed.
E. Take a screenshot of whatever you Pickpocket for your own defense against wrongful accusations.
F. You must allow the victim to chase you for a reasonable amount of time before you log – 10 minutes real time minimum.
G. Pickpocketing is automatic consent to PvP.
H. If the person you Pickpocket kills you in a PvP battle, you are to return the stolen items back to the owner.
I. Anyone caught not following these rules, screenshot and report to a DM. Do NOT take matters into your own hands.

7. Bugs & Exploits

There are ways to bypass an areas PvP setting. Doing so is a serious offense.
In addition, any player caught exploiting any “bugs” in the game or in the server scripts will be dealt with accordingly.
If you find a “bug”, “exploit”, or player using any of the above please report them to a DM so they may be dealt with for the betterment of the entire server.

Experience Farming: Bypassing Content (aka Powerlevelling)
Experience Farming for lower level players is an Exploit. Example: A level 20 player wiping out every single Monster in a crypt while a level 1 player stands in a corner and absorbs experience while not contributing anything at all to the battle. This is a situation where the level 1 player has no risk and no involvement in getting experience and / or items. Game content was not intended to be bypassed in order to level or gain items. Please note that there is an Experience clamp in place to prevent this situation from awarding any experience to the lower level character. However, the guideline is still in place as lower level players should still participate in the action and not stand back to watch. Also, injuring creatures down to near dead, then allowing lower levels to take the kill will get you in trouble as well.

Alternately logging in different character to avoid death. If your character cannot survive in an area DO NOT go there or form a party. Logging in Character A to either aid or save Character B is exploiting. If caught both characters will be punished.

Just because it isn’t listed here, doesn’t make it ok. Use common sense. If you are taking advantage of problems in the engine or mod, or intentionally using bugged spells/actions, you are subject to warning and/or banning.