Best with a Bow

Best with a Bow

Once more the champions of Nordock are called forth to challenge for the title of the Best with a Bow!

Qualifiers will commence this week and run for the next 4 weeks. At the end of that time, the highest ranked players will compete in a final to see who will be crowned the Best with a Bow.

The contest will consist of each player racing to destroy a lineup of 3 combat dummies in the fastest time possible.

The rules for this contest are:
  1. No Epic, Uber, Old school, or Enhanced items (with the exception of the fire giant belt since this can be looted).
  2. All buffs (by spell or item or ability, etc), with the exception of the Arcane Archer ability Arrow of Death, are allowed after the “go”.
  3. Only ranged attacks on the dummies.
  4. No summons or companions

All are welcome to compete in this contest, with the winner gaining their place in history as the “Best with a Bow”.

2016 Best with a Bow Final: Won by theflyingrodent with his archer: Toothpick Dispenser

2011 Best with a Bow Final: Won by Toxaris Evra

2010 Best with a Bow Final: Won by Goddess