Bewildering Archer

Epic Character Builds – The Bewildering Archer

Created by: Lockindal Linantal
Indispensable Edit Guy: Doug_G.
Grand Overseer of Epic Builds: Torias

‘Lo an’ behold all ye adventurers, the Bewildering Archer! She is a talented archer who utilizes many spell powers to supplement her amazing archery. She is also an illusionist who wields her magical many talents to hide from enemies and deceive them into devious traps.

Bewildering Archer

Fighter: 6
Wizard: 11
Arcane Archer: 23

Race: Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Starting Stats
Str: 14
Dex: 18
Con: 10
Int: 16
Wis: 8
Cha: 8

Final Stats
Str: 14
Dex: 34
Con: 10
Int: 16
Wis: 8
Cha: 8

Discipline: 43
Tumble: 20
Spellcraft: 41
Hide: 42
Move Silently: 42
Listen: 42
Spot: 11

Ceremonial Longbow (mundane)
Bewildering Armor (mundane)

For defense, the Bewildering Archer should always keep up these spells while in hostile areas:

Improved Invisibility
Mage Armor
Lesser Mind Blank
True Seeing
Ghostly Visage
Empowered Cat’s Grace

These will give her a +4 deflection, +1 natural, +1 dodge, and a +1 armor AC. She will also have 50% concealment, minimum +1 AC/AB from the Dex spell (but will most always be +2 since minimum is +3 Dex), and a maximum +3 AC/AB with immunity to mind spells, immunity to level 1 spells, and the ability to see any foe coming her way. These spells will all last a minimum of 11 turns (some of them can be extended to 22 turns), and some can even last up to 11 – 22 hours. Plenty long enough for most situations, and even if they wear off she is still formidable.

For utility in a party, she should re-organize her spell book accordingly to focus on supplemental abilities. Choice spells may include Flame Weapon, Keen Edge, etc. She can also summon forth “Wonder Girl”, her faithful pixie, for trap-filled and lock-filled dungeons.

The Bewildering Archer Wielding Her MagicHer strengths are versatility and ability to choose her location. She has a strong defense with spells such as Haste, Improved Invisibility, and True Seeing (to see any oncoming enemies from shadows). She is also very effective at hiding in shadows. In addition, she has an AC of 28 with none of her defenses up and wearing nothing but a mundane robe. By being mobile as if she had the feat “Spring Attack” with her tumble ranks, and with her ability to use the above mentioned spells, she can easily escape any situation to reach a favorable spot. In addition, her AB is extremely good due to her high Dex, which gives her +52/+47/+42/+37/+52 (rapid shot) with nothing but a normal longbow! That’s with no buffs at all.

What is her favorable spot you may ask? Why, high ground, of course!
When Facing A Multitude Of Foes…

Once in a favorable spot, she should call upon illusions to summon forth a Greater Conjuration and the Web spell to slow her enemies to a halt. She should then Hasten herself to release a Cloudkill, a Stinking Cloud, and another Web. This will not only slow them to a halt, but potentially deal great damage with the spells alone. Once they are webbed, she should invoke her Imbue Arrow to devastate them with flames. If there is an enemy archer, she should release an Interposing Hand to cut the accuracy of her foe. If there are multiple archers, she should invoke the power of her Hail of Arrows. Immediately after the Hail, she should invoke her rapid shot and then quickly cast Haste if her original one wore off for the additional attack – enabling her to wipe out the archers quickly before her snares on the ground troops wear off. Then she can re-focus her attention on the ground troops, even relocating herself once again if the troops are closing on her.
When Facing A Single, Hard To Hit Powerful Foe…

The Bewildering Archer In CombatIf facing a foe that is too powerful and has a rough hide, she should quickly establish a favorable spot using her spells and stealth techniques. She should then make herself strike true – utilizing the power of the True Strike that she can utilize 4 times/day. With this power guiding her arrows, she will surely strike the foe several times, and with her high damage (1-8 +18 without mighty, x3 crits) the foe cannot last long. She can also use Imbue Arrow on monsters who are flammable, for that cannot be dodged easily at all!

For all other situations, she should improvise and consider using a combination of techniques.
BAB: 27
AB: Base = 27; Focuses: +2; Prowess: +1; Dexterity: +12; Enchanted Arrows: +12; 54/49/44/39 (usually greater due to empowered Cat’s Grace)
The Bewildering Archer’s Spell Book
Level 1: True Strike x4, Shield x1, Mage Armor x1
Level 2: Ultravision x1, Web x2, Fox’s Cunning x1, Bull’s Strength x1,
Ghostly Visage x1
Level 3: Extended Endurance x1, Protection from Elements x1, Stinking Cloud x1, Haste x3
Level 4: Improved Invisibility x1, Empowered Cat’s Grace x1, Fear x1,
Extended Haste x1
Level 5: Cloudkill x1, Greater Shadow Conjuration x1, Bigby’s Interposing Hand x1
Level 6: Extended Lesser Mind Blank x1, True Seeing x1
Character Advancement History

Now that we know about the wonders of the Bewildering Archer, let’s see how she trained, shall we? Following is the path of the Bewildering Archer during the first forty levels of her life.

Character Level Class Skill Increases Feat Selection Attribute Increase
1 Fighter Discipline 4, Tumble 2 Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus: Longbow
2 Illusionist Spellcraft 5 Familiar: Pixie
3 Illusionist Spellcraft 1, Tumble 1 Rapid Shot
4 Illusionist Spellcraft 1 Dexteritty
5 Illusionist Spellcraft 1, Tumble 1
6 Fighter Discipline 5 Called Shot, Blind-Fight*
7 Illusionist Spellcraft 2, Tumble 1 Extend Spell*
8 Illusionist Spellcraft 1 Dexterity
9 Fighter Discipline 3, Tumble 1 Toughness*
10 Arcane Archer Listen 13, Hide 7, Move Silently 7
11 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Move Silently 1, Tumble 1
12 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Hide 1 Improved Critical: Longbow* Dexterity
13 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Move Silently 1, Tumble 1
14 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Hide 1
15 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Move Silently 1, Tumble 1 Improved Initiative*
16 Fighter Discipline 7 Weapon Specialization: Longbow Dexterity
17 Arcane Archer Listen 2, Hide 1, Move Silently 2, Tumble 1
18 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Hide 1 Great Fortitude*
19 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Move Silently 1, Tumble 1
20 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Hide 1 Dexterity
21 Illusionist Spellcraft 13, Tumble 1 Epic Weapon Focus: Longbow
22 Illusionist Spellcraft 1
23 Illusionist Spellcraft 1, Tumble 1
24 Fighter Discipline 8 Epic Weapon Specialization: Longbow Dexterity
25 Arcane Archer Listen 5, Hide 2, Move Silently 3, Tumble 1
26 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Hide 1
27 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Move Silently 1, Tumble 1 Epic Armor Skin*
28 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Hide 1 Great Dexterity I Dexterity
29 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Move Silently 1, Tumble 1
30 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Hide 1 Great Dexterity II
31 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Move Silently 1, Tumble 1
32 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Hide 1 Great Dexterity III Dexterity
33 Illusionist Spellcraft 10, Tumble 1 Epic Energy Resistance: Fire*, Empower Spell*
34 Arcane Archer Listen 2, Hide 1, Move Silently 1
35 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Hide 1, Tumble 1
36 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Move Silently 1 Great Dexterity IV Dexterity
37 Arcane Archer Listen 1, Hide 1, Tumble 1 Great Dexterity V
38 Illusionist Spellcraft 5
39 Arcane Archer Listen 2, Hide 21, Move Silently 21, Spot 11 Great Dexterity VI
40 Fighter Discipline 16 Epic Prowess Dexterity
  • Indicates Rogue Bonus feats. ** indicates Wizard Bonus feats.