NWNCQ Project

NWNCQ Project V1.3

Have a look at the screenshots below (all taken in Vic Nordock) and if you like the look of it, you can either download the original files from here:


or do as I have done and….

Go with the “basic” install of the NWNCQ project. It gives maximum visual effect with minimum inconvenience. I’ve combined that with several other monster overrides I’m using and put them all in a single compressed file below. All you have to do is extract the files into the “override” folder in the “nwn” directory (“Documents\Neverwinter Nights” for NWN:EE) and you’re up and running. If you place the “override.7z” file in your “nwn” directory (“Documents\Neverwinter Nights” for NWN:EE), right click and and choose “extract here” the files should be extracted automatically into the override folder.

Click here to download override.7z